Brake Repair

Prairie du Chien, WI Brake services

Your brakes are a safety net, they catch you when your tires can’t. But to do their job effectively, they need regular maintenance and attention from an expert in order to keep them running smoothly for years of safe driving.

Brake service maintenance and repairs are important to make sure your car, truck or any other vehicle with brake issues are safe and secure. Brakes need a lot of attention because they’re crucial for safety while driving around on the roads.

Fortunately, RPM Automotive is here with quality brake repair services at great prices!

The team at RPM Automotive will get involved in every step- From diagnostics on both new vehicles as well as time-honored classics; we always offer affordable pricing options and never penalize our clients for needing a second opinion. We provide brake service maintenance for the complete braking system and brake problems such as Brake Pads, Brake Fluid, Rotors, Brake Lines are crucial for safety while driving around on the roads.

As soon as you notice unevenness in your car’s pedal feel or hear abnormal noises when braking, bring it straight to RPM Automotive right away! Our friendly technicians will take care of everything from here on out.

Mechanic inspecting brake pads and rotor

Regardless of why it’s happening, there are particular signs that indicate your Brakes need attention:

1. You start to hear a grinding or squeaking noise when you apply the brakes

2. Your car starts to pull in one direction when you brake

3. The pedal feels spongy and doesn’t have much stopping power

4. You notice that your brake light is on or coming on more frequently than normal

5. Your vehicle pulls in one direction when braking, but not always the same side (called “wandering”)

6. The steering wheel shimmies when braking

7. There’s a strange odor coming from your brakes, such as burning rubber or hot metal

8. There is a noticeable decrease in stopping power after making repairs or adjustments

9. Brake fluid levels are low, but no leaks can be found

11. Brake pads are worn unevenly and/or have glazing on their surfaces

12. Brakes work fine in dry conditions, but not as well in wet or snowy weather

13. Car shakes when pressing the breaks

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your brakes in Prairie du Chien, WI, then they should be serviced by our qualified mechanics at RPM Automotive. Here we can begin an inspection of your entire brake system and a comprehensive vehicle check to determine what services your vehicle needs.

Mechanic replacing brake pads and rotors 

What does a brake inspection consist of?

A brake inspection is a quick and easy way to find out the condition of your brakes before any further problems arise. Brakes may need to be serviced more than once in a year depending on your driving habits, and up to twice. Here’s what will be looked for when performing a break Inspection:

  • Undercarriage inspection Brake pads (check for wear and thickness)
  • Brake fluid level (low if any visible leaks are apparent) Brake
  • Inspecting drums/rotors for excessive rust and determining if a replacement is needed
  • Inspection of Axles, Shocks & struts
  • Brake hoses – brake hoses should always be visually inspected when replacing pads as they can wear out over time and possibly cause a leak.
  • Braking system – inspecting all hardware for rust, and wear and tear
  • Wheel Component inspection – check wheel cylinders & caliper for wear and tear
  • Breaking component assessment – inspecting the hub, lugnuts and caliper assemblies
  • Test Drive – test brake function, feel, and sound.

Mechanic repairing and replacing brakes

Why get a brake inspection?

1. Brakes are the most important safety feature on your car

2. A brake assessment will help you understand how well your brakes stop and when they need to be replaced

3. You can get a brake assessment for free at many shops in town

4. Brake pads, rotors, drums, and shoes all wear down over time – but a brake assessment will find out which one needs to be replaced first

5. When it comes to saving money, getting a brake assessment is the best way to go!

Brake pads, rotors, drums and shoes wear down over time – but a Brake assessment will find out which one needs to be replaced first


RPM automotive bake repair mechanic

What does My brake service include?

In order to find out what your brake service would include, you will need a professional inspection of your entire braking system. Brakes are far too complex to only inspect the task at hand and therefore should be inspected with care and detailed attention.

Once the team has inspected the braking system and determined if there’s anything wrong with it, we can then give you an outline of the break services you need, and an accurate cost estimate for repairs or any applicable warranties that might apply. Based on the results of your inspection, your vehicle brake service may include:

  • Brake pad or brake shoe replacement
  • Brake rotor resurfacing or brake drum turning
  • Brake rotor or drum replacement
  • Brake fluid exchange or flushing
  • Brake line leak repair
  • Brake caliper replacement
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake light diagnosis

Mechanic reviewing car mileage

How often do my brakes need to be serviced?

In order for your brake pads or shoes to not wear down too quickly, you’ll have to service them about once every 20-80 thousand miles. Brake fluid lasts 2-5 years on average, so it is wise to inspect the lines regularly as well. Your car manual will list when a routine inspection should take place– usually at 10k mile intervals

If you are experiencing brake problems in Prairie du Chien WI, you should call us today. We can help with a new set of pads or rotors and make sure your brakes feel safe again. How would you rate the safety of your car’s braking system? Let our technicians take a look to make sure everything is working properly!