As we are exploring a new definition of getting out and about amongst this COVID 19 crisis that has us all altering what was the norm prior to its existence. But what is essential travel? Essential travel is getting in your vehicle, turning the ignition and expecting everything to be working fine, correct? Well expectaions and performance are vastly different when your vehicle is not taken care of properly and maintained on a regular schedule to address the unforseen mishaps that can and do occur.

Our mission has always been to provide the reliability factor so that you do not worry or guess if your vehicle will be there for your “essential travel”. Living and working in Wisconsin experiences the volatility of climate with extreme cold and heat throughout the year. Comfort is in and of itself a vital component where heating in the winter and ac in the summer provide more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

Stay safe and keep your vehicle safe and operating at peak performance so you do not get caught when you least expect it or are inconvenienced at the wrong time. There probably never is a convenient time for a vehicle breakdown however it always seems to know when you need it least. Perhaps that’s Murphy’s Law but then again, Murphy seems to always have a crystal ball for some reason.

R. Ong, Contributing Editor