If you have been looking for quality auto care in the Prairie Du Chien, Bloomington, and Marquette areas, you need to work with us! We can provide care and maintenance for your Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Chevy, Ford, Acura, and more! We fix everything!

Our qualified team of ASE-Certified technicians can provide you with services such as oil changes, brake repair, alignment services, and more! You will never have to worry about the quality of the service that you are getting from us. We provide service with a smile and take care of our customers like they are our family!

Common Vehicle Problems

We are able to service all of your common vehicle repairs and maintenance needs. We offer free loaner cars for your use while your car is being fixed or we can give you a ride to your home or work while we take care of your vehicle. We strive to offer same-day service for many different needs and we will make sure that you can get back to your routine with ease.

Check Engine Lights

We can diagnose the issue that is causing your check engine light to be on and we will work hard to make sure that the issue is resolved correctly the first time. We know that no one wants to have to come back over and over again to get help with this kind of need and we make sure to do the right repairs the first time you visit us.

Maintenance Due

If you are not sure what maintenance your car needs when the maintenance warning light comes on, we can help! We work with many makes and models of vehicles and we can help you to determine which services are needed, and get you on a set schedule for your car’s various annual maintenance needs.

Brake Noise

We can diagnose braking issues if your brakes are squeaking or squealing or as brake fade. We will make sure that you get quality brake services that take care of all of your needs for this important safety feature in your car.

Rough Ride

Our team knows how to provide prompt and effective alignment services so that your car rides smoothly and is fuel-efficient each day. You will not have to deal with a bumpy or uncomfortable ride for another day with us on your side! Being able to get your alignment fixed will also help your tires to wear better and last longer.

Caring Service With a Smile

We care about our customers and we make sure that you never feel like you are just a number on our list. We offer personalized and quality services that you will not get from other shops in the Prairie Du Chien area. You can easily reach out to us whenever you need our help and we can get you in for any kind of regular service that your car needs. Call us at 608-527-0377 today to schedule your appointment!