The oil in your vehicle is best used to lubricate almost any and every part in your vehicle at all times. If there isn’t enough, it may be time for a change. Otherwise, you’re inviting some serious issues for your vehicle.

RPM Automotive is your auto care center in Prairie Du Chien, WI that will check your oil and make changes where necessary. Because failure to do so can lead to engine trouble among many other things. Here’s a guide including what to look for when you think it may be time to change the oil.

Low oil level

Of course, low oil levels are an obvious sign for anyone in need of an oil change. You’ll even get an indicator light in your vehicle warning you. When this happens, you’ll want to go to an ASE-certified mechanic near McGregor, IA.

We’ll replenish the oil levels and make sure that you’re good to go on the same day. While your vehicle is being serviced, use one of our loaner vehicles or get free rides to and from the shop. Either way, if you’re in need to get around as soon as possible, we’ll be able to help.

Knocking sound from engine

If your oil levels are running thin, you’ll notice some knocking sounds coming from the engine which means that you’re going to need to get it changed as soon as possible. A knocking sound on an engine may also be a sign of other issues under the hood.

Which means you’ll need to get it to an auto body shop near Bloomington, WI as soon as possible. A trained mechanic will be able to spot what’s going on underneath the hood. And when they do, they’ll change the oil or perform any needed repairs.

Best of all – each repair and replacement comes with a 3 year / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Oil is dark and dirty

Oil is translucent and is amber in color. When it becomes used, the oil will get darker in color. This can be due to the particles that are being collected from the engine.

You should check your oil at least once a month. This will keep you ahead of the curve while making a decision to make an oil change. Also, an oil change should be done every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.

Ask any auto mechanic near Marquette, IA and you’ll get the same answer.

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