Your vehicle can produce a variety of smells. Some are subtle and can be picked up by people with sensitive noses. Others are pretty strong and you’ll notice right away. Routine maintenance can help prevent many of the smells a vehicle can produce, but simply knowing what a small might be is a good start to gaining knowledge about what to do next. RPM Automotive of Prairie du Chien is here for you. Between our noses and our ASE Certified technicians, we will get to the root of what is making your nose tingle. Here are some tips:

Mold or Mildew

Your vehicle shouldn’t smell like a shower or locker room. The faint, or sometimes very strong smell of moisture and mildew can get stronger over time too. One probable cause of the issue is your vehicle’s air conditioning system not draining condensation properly. Your air conditioning system can also have standing moisture if it’s not used often. If you smell mildew, you have a couple options. Run your air conditioning system and see if you can dry it out and remove the smell. The problem could be a debris clog. RPM Automotive can help with this and get your vehicle smelling normal again.

Fruit or Sweet

A sweet smell that might be a bit fruity is likely a coolant leak. Coolant should stay in the reservoir and circulate, then return to the reservoir. A lack of coolant can be a serious problem as your engine can overheat and get damaged. RPM Automotive can find if the reservoir is cracked or if a hose somewhere has a leak issue. Get these fixed right away!


Unfortunately, burning oil smells like smoke. You might also see a puff of blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe. An oil leak isn’t a good thing, as just like coolant, the fluid is essential to your engine’s proper lubrication and maintenance. Just like coolant, get your vehicle in right away and check your oil levels before you even go. 

Burnt Carpet

Your brakes might be too hot. If you are currently driving downhill or have to often, consider pumping brakes are letting your brakes cool helps. If this smell persists, bring it to RPM Automotive and we will find out why.

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