The Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil

Visually there is no discernible difference between synthetic oils and conventional oils. The key distinction is the way the oils are produced. An easy way to describe the difference is that synthetic oil is a man-made lubricant while conventional oil is a fossil fuel that can be found in nature. 

Synthetic oil is composed of chemical compounds that have been synthesized artificially, but the base material is still the distilled crude oil. As conventional motor oil is natural fossil fuel, it is required to be changed more often and not be overworked. 

Which One to Choose

To simply put, unless cost is an extremely important factor to you, you should choose synthetic oils over conventional oils in most cases. Even though conventional oils offer sufficient lubrication, synthetic oils outperform conventional oils in terms of overall engine safety and efficiency.

Main Reasons to Choose Synthetic Oil Over Conventional Oil

1. Stability 

Compared to conventional oils, synthetic oils are made from higher-quality base oils. Synthetics derived from these higher-quality base oils are less likely to acidify and oxidize, are more chemically stable, and are more difficult to degrade. 

2. Safety

Oil producers will use synthetic oil extraction techniques to remove impurities from crude oil. After that, the oil molecules can be modified to suit the specific needs of modern engines. In terms of engine protection and performance, synthetic oils outperform conventional motor oil, according to Consumer Reports.

3. Temperature Tolerance

Compared to conventional oils, synthetic oils have greater viscosity and durability at extreme temperatures (either cold or hot). Full synthetic oils are engineered to flow rapidly in cold weather and withstand extreme heat, ensuring that your engine runs smoothly all year.

4. Drain Intervals

Synthetic oils, on average, can last longer between oil changes than conventional oils. However, this is often based on the motor oil brands as well as several other variables such as driving habits and traffic conditions. If your car is under warranty, please follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

5. Environmental Superiority

The fact that synthetic oils are more environmentally superior to conventional oils is more because of the longer drain intervals rather than the components. Additionally, synthetics have lower volatility than petroleum, which is what conventional oils are derived from. That is another important reason that synthetic oils could be environmentally superior. 

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