Your car can give warning signs when it has an issue. Some are obvious, some are literally programmed into your vehicle, and some are subtle. All are the result of the eventual need for maintenance. 

RPM Automotive of Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin can help you identify and fix some of the warning signs your vehicle shows you. RPM fixes all makes and models with top notch serve that attracts customers from places local and far away, like Marquette, Iowa. Owner Len Pritchett has been in the business a long time and knows how to keep customers happy and technicians well trained.

Show me the Signs

Check Engine Light

Your vehicle comes with an early warning system to tell you something bad is happening. The check engine light’s glow is dreaded by all drivers, but welcomed because it will likely pop on before something gets worse. The check engine light is also a sign you don’t ignore. 

At RPM Automotive, we are more than happy to provide the car repairs and preventative maintenance you need before and after a check engine light. We use code readers and intuition to find problems and fix them before they become major problems. Our shop has ASE Certified Technicians who are ready to discuss options with you and get you on your way.

Problems Stopping

Any vehicle should easily come to a complete stop. The inability to come to a predictable stop is an enormous issue especially with stop signs, stop lights, and traffic in nearly all cities. RPM can take a look at your tires and bakes to ensure they are in shape for your safety. A couple of obvious warning signs of bad tires or brakes are grinding noises or poor grip on the road.

Brakes are also designed in a way that makes them produce extra noise when they are starting to wear down. They are telling you, “Bring me to RPM Automotive and get me brake pads before I cause a larger issue.”

Battery Alerts

Trying to start your car and hearing the clicking sound of our battery failing or having lights on the dashboard is just the worst feeling. Your vehicle likely has a dashboard light for a failing battery. Don’t ignore it! Battery issues are easily preventable, as the signs usually include dimming lights and a harder time starting, especially in the extreme cold or heat.

RPM offers battery tests to ensure you have the power to start your car for years to come.

Why RPM?

We are family owned and operated. We care about our communities’ ability to get around safely and easily. RPM will also bring you to work, to our shop, or wherever locally you need and we offer same day services in most cases. 

You can call us at 608-527-0377 or visit your shop at 1519 S. Marquette Road, Prairie Du Chien, WI. Our goal is to serve our community and our customers, and we hope to be your car repair choice in the future.