It’s fall time in Wisconsin. And that means the weather will start to get a little cooler. That’s why RPM Automotive, your auto repair service in Prairie du Chien, WI has a few ideas for you to consider when it comes to caring for your car this time of year. If anything, the fall should be a good time for you to prep your vehicle for the winter months.

However, you might have your hands tied at the moment. You’re shuttling the kids from school to football practice or you are just going about your usual commute. You might be getting a little worried about whether or not your vehicle makes it through the winter.

But not to worry, we are here to help our customers near McGregor, IA and the surrounding area make sure their vehicles are in excellent running condition before Old Man Winter begins to settle in. Here are some ideas that you don’t want to brush off:

1.  Check the heating system

If there is one thing you can’t go without during the fall or winter months, it’s your heating system. It’s important to do a little self-inspection to see if the warm air is blowing out. If the air is too cold, then you might have an issue.

At that point, you should consider making an appointment. Our trusted ASE-certified mechanics near Bloomington, WI will spot the problem and repair it on the same day. All of our repairs and replacement parts are backed by a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty that is one of the best in the business.

2.  Make sure the battery is working

Your battery should be changed one every year or two. So it wouldn’t hurt to check to see if it’s still got enough juice. If anything, the last thing you want is to pull over on the side of the road in the dead of winter because your battery died.

If we know anything about Wisconsin winters, they can get very cold. That’s why RPM Automotive will check your battery while you bring it in for a routine inspection. It’s all part of our inspection process and we don’t pay you extra.

While we inspect your vehicle, you can grab one of our pre-inspected loaners and run errands if you need to. Or if you need to get to work, we’ll see to it that you get there with a set of wheels or through our free rides to and from the shop.

3.  Check the oil

Even when the weather gets colder, you still want to check the oil. Because a well-oiled engine can still run especially when nature’s cold weather grip tightens. Just because it will be colder outside, doesn’t mean you won’t get debris or dirt from collecting inside your oil filter.

If you need an oil change, RPM Automotive will get the job done for you. It’s reasonably affordable and can be done on the same day.

Take Care Of Your Car Now!

RPM Automotive is a family-owned and operated auto shop that services all types of vehicles. Whether it’s a Ford or a Volvo, we will make sure that it is prepped and ready for the fall and winter months. If you need to make a payment or forgot to drop off the keys to the loaner vehicle, you can use our 24/7 dropbox.

We keep your bases covered here at RPM Automotive and we will never leave you out in the cold. Come on by to see if your vehicle is in good shape. You can call us at 608-527-0377 or visit our location at 1519 S. Marquette Road, Prairie du Chien, WI.